Should You Even Vape, Bro? FDA Says E-Cigs May Cause Seizures

Should You Even Vape, Bro? FDA Says E-Cigs May Cause Seizures

The FDA says it will investigate electronic cigarettes after dozens of reports that nicotine-infused products caused seizures in some consumers.

People prone to seizures may want to pause sick tricks, according to a recent FDA announcement.

The special announcement noted that the FDA had received self-reports of seizures related to the tobacco products since then 1988. But late in 2018, the agency saw a “slight but notable increase in seizure reports.”

Given the recent news that teenagers have been vaping nicotine products at “epidemic” levels, the FDA wrote that it would increase its current research on electronic cigarettes. So far, the agency has only documented 35 cases of seizures of electronic cigarettes since it began collecting the self-reports.

We all know that both tobacco products and their electronic counterparts cause seizures or seizures. Nicotine toxicity, which may be the cause of the seizure, can occur when you inhale too much vaporizer or accidentally swallow the nicotine liquid, known as “vaporizer juice.”

The self-reports do not show bright patterns between seizures and vaping, according to The Verge. Some users said they experienced a seizure after vaping for the first time. While others said, they had been vapers for a long time before it triggered an episode.


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