Seed & Smith is dedicated to providing the optimal cannabis experience for every type of consumer. working hard to bring the best possible vaping solution to you.




Seed & Smith is dedicated to providing the optimal cannabis experience for every type of consumer.

firstly, We have worked hard to bring the best possible vaping solution to you.

secondly, The revolutionary technology in each Dart was created to innovate the way we vape cannabis, elevating the experience to a new level.

thirdly, Our unrivaled cannabis oil extraction process delivers nothing but generous and genuine taste for the life of the pod.

Zero artificial terpenes, Zero artificial solvents,  Zero compromises producing our distillate.

however, We never compromise, so why should you?


at Seed & Smith, perfecting the craft of producing 100% cannabis derived distillate is not the goal, it is the expectation.

We believe in the “Gold in, Gold out” mentality when moving our flower through the extraction process.

we have spared no expense to produce our distillate from the most quality flower.

That same quality of flower is represented in every Dart pod.

Our distillate carries the unique flavor profiles and the same great taste that anyone can find in our premium flower.

How so, you ask?

Isolating these terpenes at this point is vital to the taste and experience you receive with our Dart and pod system.

For us, it is about 100% cannabis no matter what form it is in.

All you will find in our terpenes are the product of the same, great strains we sell in flower form.

We’re continually advancing the product so that our customers can enjoy premium crafted cannabis how it should be.

The Dart pod is no exception.


It’s not really a secret, we are obsessed with creating premium cannabis extracts.

And while our lab team works tirelessly to bring the best cannabis concentrates to market.

Introducing the Dart, the future of flavorful pulls, pillowy clouds, and a discreet yet effective way to vape cannabis distillate.

Our partner, CCELL, created a revolutionary ceramic heating element that provides the best flavor by regulating the temperature with a 3.7 Volt output.

Combine this technology with a durable alloy casing to protect the cartridge and battery.

sprinkle in a nice magnetic connection between the pod and case.

and you have a special device in your hands (or you should, at least).

The Dart fully charges with a Micro USB in 90 minutes, providing you with 200 three second pulls.

There are no buttons, no adjustments, no apps, and nothing to keep you from enjoying the most premium cannabis in the business.



Every Seed & Smith Dart battery that we sell will come with everything you need to enjoy the next generation of cannabis vaping, including a charger for the unit.


Stealthier, lighter, and simpler compared to its competitors, the DART is an irresistible beauty with more than enough battery power for extended use.

The DART is able to heat and vaporize extract consistently & generously with a 20% increase in vapor production compared to other pod based systems.

The metal frame provides protection of the pod regardless of where your adventures take you.


Great Question… the Dart got its name from it’s sleek and contouring pod shape making it a great portable cannabis accessory and easily concealable.


The First Pod System by CCELL

CCELL has created a revolutionary ceramic heating element that provides the best flavor with no need for priming.

The Seed & Smith Dart is simple. No buttons, no difficult apps, just a user friendly vape device.

Simply inhale and watch the indicator light on the bottom of your device.

The magnetic connection makes it easy to secure and hold your pod for on-the-go comfort that is always ready when you are.

We stand by the high potency strength and quality of our distillate.

Seed & Smith distillate is formulated specifically to bring genuine cannabis flavor with every hit using only strain specific, cannabis derived terpenes.

The Seed & Smith Dart is priced for affordability and availability.

It’s part of our commitment to bringing the most premium cannabis products to our customers.

other good options are;

firstly, pax era pods

secondly, honest marijuana

thirdly, wimberry farms

few customer reviews:

firstly, I took a tour with Joe, who led us on a fantastic tour of the entire process. Joe was very knowledgeable, passionate, and patient during the tour. Thank you very much Joe!

secondly, After the tour, every person on the tour got a $.01 blunt at the gift shop. Amy Q helped us out and answered all our questions about their products. I couldn’t have been more impressed with their operation and hospitality.

thirdly, Awesome place extremely helpful. Always have great prices and specials Zee and Javohn were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely will be back! Thank You!
also, I was in from out of town and visited seed and smith Cannabis. I’m not very knowledgeable about cannabis but Javohn is patient with me and really added to our trips enjoyment. Thanks Javohn for leaning in and helping out.
in addition, I loved coming here with the Loopr grow tours and had such a blast learning about the dispensary process from seed to sale! Thanks Seed & Smith and Loopr for all the great knowledge and fun!

Great dispensary nestled in a bunch of warehouse’s. Friendly person working the intake checking IDs.. budtenders we’re just as friendly.  Going back to get an eighth of Original Green Bud, it smelled so sweet just didn’t have enough cash the night I went.  Check it myself I’m sure you’ll like it also.

From the second you step in to the moment you step out is all amazing, seed and smith has completely made my year, two words : moon rocks:)


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