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Rove is a practical and honest cannabis product that anyone can enjoy.Portable and discreet, it combines convenience and quality providing relief wherever, whenever.

Strain Selection

  • OG (Indica) – 78.27%
  • Kush (Indica) – 77.94%
  • Ape (Indica) – 78.37%
  • Cookies (Hybrid) – 78.23%
  • Sherbet (Hybrid) – 78.82%
  • Dream (Hybrid) – 78.08%
  • Glue (Hybrid) – 78.23%
  • Waui (Sativa) – 78.11%
  • Haze (Sativa) – 77.56%


Rove Vape Oil cartridge

Rove carts is a practical and honest cannabis product that anyone can enjoy. Portable and discreet, A modern product for the modern world not rove carts fake.

Also, it combines convenience and quality providing relief wherever, whenever.

We are always on the lookout for vape brands that strive to deliver great taste and quality. Rove meets both criteria. Rove believes in honesty, simplicity, and transparency. They use art and science to create cannabis oil vape cartridges that are flavorful and safe to inhale.


The Rove line of cannabis oils is made using 100% California grown cannabis. Using liquid carbon dioxide extraction, Rove scientists produce fine quality oils to create clean and potent vape cartridges.

Firstly, portable and discreet Rove pen combines convenience with quality, providing relief wherever, whenever.

Also, Coupled with their strict quality control standards they ensure a great tasting, consistent product.

Moreover, This unique chamber ensures excellent taste and flow, while minimizing possible leakage.

Paired with its long-lasting 400mah battery, Rove is always the best choice.
Convenient & Easy Vaping

Available in 1g or 0.5g cartridges. For best results, use with a Rove Vaporizer Battery (not included)

WARNING: Rove vape oil is thick and may require warming before use. also, For best results, pair with a Rove brand vaporizer and use the built-in warming feature.

in conclusion, Your oil can also be warmed with a blow dryer or a lighter. Warm your oil until it is liquified and flows freely inside the tank.

Be sure the mouthpiece is not hot before using.

*THC levels may vary from batch to batch


Rove carts packaging are made with high-quality stainless steel and pyrex glass. Each cartridge is compatible with universal 510 threaded batteries. Rove carts produce large clouds thanks to their dual coil atomizer and efficient air flow design.

Each cartridge and its packaging is color coded to indicate the rove carts flavors phenotype (Indica, Sativa or Hybrid).

another rove carts review point is its potency, All Rove carts are quite potent with high THC levels.

Each rove kush tests in the ranges of 70%-80% THC and 1%-2% CBD. Check the Rove Brand website to see their latest lab results on their entire vape cartridge line.


  • Great rove carts flavors
  • Great aromas
  • Very potent
  • Sturdy cartridges
  • Color coded vapes
  • Nice packaging


  • Extremely thick oil

rove carts Flavors & Effect

All Rove carts oils pass through a solvent-less purification system which gives rise to their clean, crisp rove carts flavors.

We were fortunate to try the Sherbet (hybrid) and Ape (indica) rove carts flavors. The hits on both cartridges were smooth on the throat and delivered yummy flavors.

firstly, The Sherbet cartridge had an amazing buttery taste with a citrusy aroma. 

secondly, After taking a couple hits of the Sherbet oil, we started to feel very relaxed.

however, It was definitely a great mix between a head and body high. The high itself was not too over-powering.

Rove carts Price & Where to Buy

Rove carts price vary according to the quantity you need, you can get rove carts for sale in California dispensaries for around $30 for half gram cartridge (500 mg) and around $45 for a full gram (1000 mg) cartridge.

You can find Rove products and prices at similar online stores like mike and jones


Many fake Rove Brand carts also have CA! stickers, The sticker is not enough, but is one deterrent. Many of the fakes out there now have stickers too, although they contain made up figures on the oil since the oil is not even in the cartridge yet and no one knows what oil will be put in it. See below a picture of a fake Rove cartridge with CA! stickers.

No sticker showing THC content: it’s a fake Rove cartridge

Rove lists the THC percentages on their packaging for their California. In Nevada you always will receive information as well, either in the form of being on the packaging or in the form of a sticker, showing the complete cannabinoid profile of the cartridge.

Basically if you don’t see a THC percentage with your cart, it’s fake. Take a look below at a legitimate California Rove brand cart.

rove carts real

Now take a look below at the fake cart and notice there is no sticker on it.

It’s not to say they might make fake stickers later as well, but for now this is the easiest deterrent to determine whether a Rove Brand cartridge is real or not. In Nevada, you will have a sticker attached with information as well. In general if you are outside of CA or NV, it is more likely you will see an either real CA Rove cart or a fake than a Nevada version. NV prices are high and there’s 10x more people in CA, so it’s less likely someone would be distributing NV versions in illegal states.

The easiest way to find real Rove is use their store locator. If the store you got it from is not in there, it might not be a legitimate store. rove carts fake are always gotten from the street, make sure to check out the sticker situation explained above. If there’s no sticker you can be sure it is a fake and not legitimate.

Strain Selection
Rove provides a wide selection of strains:

  • OG (Indica) – 78.27%
  • Kush (Indica) – 77.94%
  • Ape (Indica) – 78.37%
  • Cookies (Hybrid) – 78.23%
  • Sherbet (Hybrid) – 78.82%
  • Dream (Hybrid) – 78.08%
  • Glue (Hybrid) – 78.23%
  • Waui (Sativa) – 78.11%
  • Haze (Sativa) – 77.56%

Additional information

Weight N/A

10 .5g carts, 25 .5g carts, 50 .5g carts, 100 .5g carts, 10 1g carts, 25 1g carts, 50 1g carts, 100 1g carts

5 reviews for Rove carts

  1. James tutterou

    Great packaging, Aroma , flavors etc , just a good one to have in your collection

  2. Leatrice Reed

    seems like th 1grams taste different lol, anyways i will rather go for the 1grams than the .5grams. nice work

  3. Salam

    Potent, Clean, great flavors & best designs!

  4. Goesham

    It’s my first time buying Rove, so I went cheap and bought a half grams. After a few hit I realized I fucked up and should’ve bought a full gram. This product is good af, and my wife loves it too

  5. Baldwin

    tried 8-9 other brands… nothing impressed me (potency/purity/flavor/smoothness) ….then my brother in law said ROVE from you guys …he said he’s tried every company out and now he only Vapes Rove….I bought the carts. ….. fell in love. thanks for not compromising Ur product for bigger profit margins 🙌

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