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  • sunset sherbet
  • green crack
  • forum cookies
  • candyland
  • thin mint
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Barret Farms CANS ONLINE

Barret farms are a licensed Humboldt-based farm with greenhouse flower and high terp flower-only full spectrum carts!

Wholesale and distribution inquiries only.

At Barrett Farms, we are a small farm that grows sustainably in our beautiful greenhouses up in Humboldt.

We were one of the top-selling Humboldt farms in the pre-prop 64 days, and we now have our own branded product line that has been gaining traction through our many retail partners across the state.

Barrett is our dog and our mascot – and we are here for all the dog lovers, and people who want true craft cannabis products. Dank vapes for sale

We have a full product line that includes organic flower prepackaged in 1/8ths.

all-flower prerolls, and high-terpene full spectrum extract cartridges.

We offer one of the only farm direct cartridge lines. Our small batch single-source cartridges are really special.

Because we used whole flower from our farm, we know exactly what material went into these carts.

and we are very proud of them.

We [used whole flower from our farm, and teamed with award-winning manufacturers.

Our flowers plus their process made some of the best tasting high-terpene full spectrum cartridges you’ll ever try.]

Our manufacturers are patenting their process because they have a very unique extraction method that doesn’t use butane, CO2, or ethanol.

Because we did a farm direct line, we were able to control batch size to keep each flavor true to the flowers that were used for each batch – OG terps + OG full spectrum oil to really capture the flavor of the OG flower that was used for extract. Buy dank vapes cartridges online

Barret Farms FLAVORS;

  • firstly, sunset sherbet
  • secondly, green crack
  • thirdly, forum cookies
  • also, candyland
  • thin mint

about Barrett Farms

Vertical worked with Barrett Farms to redesign their ultra-premium cannabis oil packaging.

Inspired by their faithful companion Barrett and the beauty of the Humboldt mountains, our design gives shoppers a glimpse into their world.

also, A vintage-inspired color palette and debossing reinforce the premium nature of the product contained within.

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2 reviews for Barret Farms

  1. mira

    Barret got very great products. this can got me thinking really do like how it makes me feel

  2. kim k

    sunset sherbert and candyland super high flavors for you . f**k

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