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ABX Vape Cartridges flavors

Absolute Xtracts currently offers 18 different strains of marijuana in disposable vape pen cartridges.

Check the names of each strain below to find your cherished one:

• CandyLand Hybrid

• Durban Lime Hybrid

• Emerald Cup OG Hybrid

• Pineapple Afghani Hybrid

• AC/DC Hybrid

• Berry White Hybrid

• Blackberry Kush Hybrid

• Blue Dream Hybrid

• Cherry Pie Hybrid

• Blue Jay Way CBD-Rich Hybrid

• Chem Dog Hybrid

• Girl Scout Cookies Hybrid

• Gorilla Glue Hybrid 

• Grape Stomper Hybrid

• Green Dragon Hybrid

• OG Kush Hybrid

• Royal Kush Hybrid 

• Sour Diesel Sativa



ABX Vape Cartridges online

ABX is the leader in strain-specific, full-spectrum cannabis oil vape cartridges. 100% pure cannabis oil, available in CCELL technology.

CCELL technology offers improved flavor, consistent hits, and lets you experience the quality of ABX full-spectrum cannabis oil at the next level.

note that it has No additives or artificial flavors. Grown in California and cleanly extracted using a supercritical CO2 method.

Absolute Extracts is a company grown out of Northern California that brings safe, potent, and pure cannabis concentrates to the general public.

also, Absolute Xtracts distributes only to medical dispensaries. That will all change soon enough with the passing of Prop 64 in California.

ABX makes all sorts of cannabis concentrate products like sprays, soft gels, honey straws, and more.

however, Part of that more category includes strain specific cartridges which our focus of attention turns to.

As the last remnants of oil dissipate from your cartridge, you realize it’s time to get a refill.

So you head down to your local dispensary, or perhaps you call for delivery instead.

Once again you go for the type of strain you like, Indica.

Just like always, the cartridge that’s available makes no mention of exact strain.

It just states “Indica”. But what if you favor a certain strain of Indica?

That’s where an Absolute Xtracts cartridge (aka ABX) comes in.

Chances are that ABX has your favorite flavor because they offer 18 specific strains in disposable vape cartridges.

Wondering about the quality? Keep reading for all the answers!

ABX Vape Cartridges flavors

Absolute Xtracts currently offers 17 different strains of marijuana in disposable vape pen cartridges.

Check the names of each strain below to find your cherished one:

  • CandyLand -Hybrid
  • Durban Lime -Hybrid
  • Emerald Cup OG -Hybrid
  • Pineapple Afghani -Hybrid
  • AC/DC – sativa
  • Berry White -Hybrid
  • Blackberry Kush – indica
  • Blue Dream – sativa
  • jack herer – sativa
  • Cherry Pie -indica
  • Blue Jay Way CBD-Rich -Hybrid
  • Chem Dog – indica
  • Girl Scout Cookies -indica
  • Gorilla Glue -indica
  • OG Kush -indica
  • Royal Kush -Hybrid 
  • Sour Diesel -Sativa

ABX Vape Cartridges specifications

The main concerns that arise from different styles of vape pen cartridges trace to a couple issues.

firstly, The design of the cartridge itself is a problem on some models.

also, While there is the occasional manufacturing defect, reports of Absolute Xtract cartridge issues are rare.

however, Another problem area is the oil itself. Some companies blend oil and it can separate inside the cartridge.

Others have a poor extraction technique resulting in oil that’s too thick or thin.

It either burns right up or hardens and won’t burn at all. Take a look at Absolute Xtract Cartridge details:

  • Metal Mouth Piece – A durable metal draw piece sits securely on top of the cartridge. It’s comfortable on your lips and easy to wipe and clean.
  • Hard Quality Plastic Container – The plastic tube container is extremely tough. You’d probably have to hit it with a hammer to break it. Very few customers report any kind of leaking.
  • Metal Tube Wick – Unlike the old style Absolute Xtracts Cartridge, these models have metal pull wicks. You may still see an occasional old model that uses a fiber wick and plastic draw piece.
  • Compatible With Nearly All Pen Size Vaporizers – The threads on the cartridge that screw into your vape pen battery are universal. They fit most brands of pen vaporizers.


What is it that gives Absolute Xtract Cartridges such high marks and raving reviews?

Also, Why should you buy one of these cartridges over any other brand? however, Some of the reasons are already apparent.

meanwhile, Others show through in a deeper look at cartridge features.

  • 100% Cannabis Oil – All cartridges are full of 100% cannabis concentrate. ABX does not use coconut oil or any other filler in their cartridges.
  • 70% THC – Absolute Xtracts has their process down to a science. By testing and refining their technique, each strain of oil comes out to 70% THC.
  • Perfect Consistency – The oil burns perfectly because it is neither to thick nor thin of a consistency.
  • 18 Different Strains – With this kind of selection, customers have no problem finding a strain that suits their need.
  • Cannabis Terpene Infusion – Absolute Xtracts infuses their oil with terpenes from each strain, giving them the effect and taste you

PROS AND CONS OF ABX Vape Cartridges


There’s a long list of benefits that come along with ABX brand cartridges, which explains why they have such high marks.

Firstly, The cartridges are sturdy and rarely ever leak.

secondly, They also fit most brands of pen style vaporizers.

thirdly, The upgrade from their old style cartridge is also a bonus.

also, The oil is potent and Absolute Xtracts tests every batch.

moreover, You can be sure of not only the quality, but also the fact that no contaminants are present in your CBD oil.

Finally, you have the big feature of 18 different strain specific cartridges to choose from.

in addition, No blend of buds makes up their oil.

in conclusion, Absolute Xtracts grows their strains in high tech greenhouses or family farms in Northern California.


ABX cartridges come close to hitting all 5 stars, but they do have a couple areas where they are lacking.

One disappointment customers find is the 1 size .5 gram cartridge.

That’s the small size and if you vape regularly, the cartridge doesn’t last long

The other drawback is the lack of pure Indica and Sativa strains.

Also, They do have Sour Diesel which is a fine Sativa, but only that one.

however, A couple of hybrids are Indica heavy, but not straight strains.

It’s not a huge complaint, but why not add more strains or make the selection a bit more even?

in conclusion, Customers that are alright with the .5 gram size cartridge and prefer a specific strain will enjoy Absolute Xtracts oil. If you like that flavor to come through in the taste, these cartridges are also right for you. The large choice of Hybrid strains creates a playground for people with that preference.

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5 reviews for ABX Vape Cartridges

  1. vurtil opmer

    Thankyou for all your efforts that you have put in this. very interesting information.

  2. tylerboss

    had a second taught about this but it think i made the right choice, thanks for the great products they are dope .

  3. Pegasus

    Really mellow, I call this the “ all day” oil. I really enjoy it especially after you wanna take a break from the high octane oils, this one light but does the trick

  4. Nisamun

    Really enjoyed this one. Was able to compare side to side with some blue dream buds and while they did not taste the same, the high was unmistakably similar. Nice and potent coming in at 66.5% THC. Relaxing high that made me a bit talkative. Definitely would buy this again

  5. Nicelaser

    Sativa-dominant for sure Light cerebral effect- good for daytime/new stoners Not strong enough to soothe my aches and pains. Caused very little anxiety I am definitely an indica lover because it’s ability to ease my pains and relax my mind. I suffer from PTsD and fibromyalgia. Indica strains works best and better than pain medicine. I am looking for a strong daytime sativa strain to ease my light chronic muscle pains, ease my anxiety but not left in super stuck mode.

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