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  • Rokin Nitro vape pen Rokin Nitro vape pen Quick View
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      Rokin Nitro vape pen Rokin Nitro vape pen Quick View
    • Rokin Nitro vape pen
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    • The Rokin Nitro is a quality vaporizer pen for concentrates. We developed this all metal vaporizer pen using no plastics and no fibers to ensure what you’re getting is top quality vapor from your product only. The Nitro features extra airflow to deliver you smooth clean hits from its featured glass chamber and dual quartz titanium wire atomizer. The kit…
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  • SEED & SMITH SEED & SMITH Quick View
    • SEED & SMITH SEED & SMITH Quick View
    • SEED & SMITH
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    • Seed & Smith is dedicated to providing the optimal cannabis experience for every type of consumer. working hard to bring the best possible vaping solution to you.
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  • W Vape pen W Vape pen Quick View
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      W Vape pen W Vape pen Quick View
    • W Vape pen
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    • Experience a revolutionary way to vape cannabis concentrates. The W Vaporizer produces consistent, full-bodied flavor with robust clouds of vapor.
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  • Zeus Arc Vape pen Zeus Arc Vape pen Quick View
    • Zeus Arc Vape pen Zeus Arc Vape pen Quick View
    • Zeus Arc Vape pen
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    • The Zeus Arc GT is a compact, high-performance dry herb vaporizer that is engineered in Germany, offering unrivaled vapor production with a gold chamber and gold vapor path. The Zeus Arc GT's automotive DNA packs tons of horsepower under a sleek chassis featuring an accelerometer, haptic feedback, built-in multi-tool, three temperature cycles, USB charging and upgradeable firmware. The Zeus Arc…
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Vape pen, vape pens are the most outstanding type of vape gadget with a very long history in the vaping industry.

despite it having a slow beginning with its early models which we having some bugs and very much not at full performance.

recent modern vapes of recent years have functionalities that exceed the need of any existing vaper.

vape pens are typically refillable, also they have larger batteries and produce more vapor making you experience something different comapred to the regular E-cigarettes.

vape pen are very discrete and easy to carry around.
vapes deliver enough vapor for a satifying experience, this has helped alot of new vapers get along with the transition.


despite the fact that it comes from a really long way and have lsted for years now, its initial basic shape or structure has not really changed.

despite have all the new advanced features and the sophisticated technology, the general making of a vape pen is quite simple.

a vape pen is general made up of three components;


this should be the most important component because it gives you the ability to finally draw out the vaporwith you mouth.

some devices have a cylindrical mouthpiece that enables maximum vapor to escape into you mouth,

thereby providing a comfortable place for your lips to lay on.


this is the largest vape pen component because it makes up the body of the device.
temperature and wattage controlled devices have circuits boards that can manage the power output of the battery.

this helps give the user a more cuztomizable vaping experience.

unlike the mods, vape pen batteries are buildointo the devices.


this part is found in the device tank. this component has as responsibility to convert the vape juice into vapor that will be exhaled.

this device has a vape coil inbeded in it, surrounded by a wicking material.

the vape juice is then drawn into the coil throught that material, heated and turned into vapor.

like any other device, the coil as the negin to wear out after some weeks of usage, will need to be changed frequently.

they exist holes on the top of the vape tank, thereby allowing air to be pulled into the device.

this adjustable airflows allow users to customize how much air is allowed to flow through the vape pen.

so, by closing off the airflow, users can eliminate any air from mixing with the vapor.
while opening it completely cools the vapor down and provides a more airy hit.
it is imporetant to note that, it is with this small component that vape pens are able to gove users a powerful vaping experience.

genarally, vape pens are activated with a button found on the device.

this button activates the battery which pushes power into the atomizer, heating the coil.

then vape juice is taken into the coil through wicking material and then transforms this into a vapor.

then you are ready to exhale the good vapor which is then transmitted to the uses mouth to be enjoyed and appreciated.


with all the tons of vape pens in the market,

it can really be difficult to choose the one that will work best for you.

today, with the presence of vape pens made for all types of vapers.

there exist exist several factors to be considered when choosing the best device, some imclude;


Firstly, One key to choosing the best vape pen is to know what your preferred vaping experience is.

If you prefer a high level of vapor production, choose a device that accepts coils with a lower resistance.


note that, Some vape pens have the ability to adjust wattage and temperature, while others do not.

Choosing a device that has the right mix of features is important to ensure that you’ll enjoy your vape device for the long term.


Today, devices come in all types of colors, shapes, and designs ensuring that you’ll find a device that fits your personality.

Some devices even have colored LED lights that allow the device to Shine, giving the user an additional opportunity to showcase their personality.

in conclusion, when you are choosing a vape pen, choose one that has all of the above qualities.

most importantly, if it maximmizes vapor production.

also, find a device with a low resistance.

if having control over your vaping experince is the most important thing, choose a device that has control features like, wattage and temperature control.


Its important to note that there is no shortage of vape pen manufacturers in the market today.

it seems like each week a new vape pen brand is joining the market.

so when it comes to vape pen brands that you can trust, here are a five top picks recommended to you;


At, we take quality seriously.

Our team has tested hundreds of brands and has developed relationships with the top vaping brands in the world.

From these brands, we only select the best performing and most reliable mods to offer in our vaping store.