The Kurvana ASCND vape cartridge offers high-quality, full-spectrum extracts in the latest ceramic heating technology. Our collection of ascnd cartridges boasts the advanced technology and impeccable quality that this products are revered for.

Those who are interested in a heavy cannabinoid that provides a strong buzz and delicate taste shouldn’t miss this products, and Kurvana ASCND cartridges are no exception. Their highly potent oils, subtle taste profiles, and elegant construction are sure to be an instant favorite.


cosmic glue (hybrid): A euphoric diesel that relaxes your mind and bod while putting a skip in your step.

  • Earth OG

Indica / Earthy  |  Herbal  |  Spicy

Baking spices kissed with a tinge of soil and an OG rich undertone, finished with a full-body relaxation.

  • Jet fuel

Indica / Earthy  |  Diesel  |  Lemon

Heavily peaceful feelings brought on by the ultimate cross of the most renowned diesel strains.

  • Amnesia Haze

Sativa / Citrus  |  Lemon  |  Earthy

Pungent, lemony overtones give way to an unmistakably earthy aroma that perks up your vitality.

  • amnezia haze

Sativa / Citrus  |  Lemon  |  Earthy

Pungent, lemony overtones give way to an unmistakably earthy aroma that perks up your vitality.

  • lunar OG

Indica / Lemon  |  Pine  |  Earthy

A sharp, minerally OG hits the forefront of your tastebuds, followed by a hint of lemon to help you unwind.

  • northen lights

Indica / Earthy  |  Pine  |  Sweet

A deeply floral breath of fresh mountain air that raises your mental altitude.

  • purple punch

Indica / Earthy  |  Berry  |  Diesel

A deep taste of sweet, sticky OG and grape candy that gradually leaves you in a calm and pleasant mindset.

  • mimosa

Hybrid / Sweet  |  Sour  |  Citrus

Soothing citrus notes that provide a balanced level of comfort, reminiscent of a relaxing brunch with friends.

  • pink sharbert

Hybrid / Sweet  |  Citrus  |  Earthy

A refreshing blend of strawberry and banana that cuts through mental fogginess with zesty herbal notes.

  • C Jack

Sativa / Sweet  |  Citrus  |  Pine

An instantly recognizable and sharp aroma that establishes a classic sativa jolt.

  • cactus cooler

Sativa / Earthy  |  Orange  |  Citrus

Invigorating desert fruit flavors meld with a heady kush aftertaste.

  • high fashion

Sativa / Berry  |  Sweet  |  Tart

Sweet and effervescent with notes of red berry, delivering a relaxed yet euphoric head change.

  • key lime

Sativa / Lime  |  Sweet  |  Pungent

A mild lime flavor with both sweet and smoky aromas, enhance energy levels and uplift mood.

  • tangie dream

Sativa / Citrus  |  Orange  |  Sweet

The complementary taste of orange peel and sweet citrus oils offer a stimulating experience.


  • firstly, blacberry kush

Indica / Berry  |  Sweet  |  Earthy

The taste of rich, dark berries balanced by the heavier earthy undertones that provide an uplifted experience.

  • secondly, master OG

Indica / Citrus  |  Earthy  |  Pine

Overtones of pine with traces of diesel and a splash of lemon citrus that evoke immediate relaxation.

  • thirdly, Original Blueberry

Indica / Berry  |  Sweet  |  Creamy

The sweet taste of fresh blueberry and whipped cream combined with relaxing effects create a distinct sense of euphoria.

  • also, true OG

Indica / Citrus  |  Pungent  |  Pine

Pungent pine notes meet a crisp citrus exhale, delivering a unique experience that prompts a mellow long-lasting sedative effect.

  • grapefruit kush

Hybrid / Citrus  |  Fruity  |  Tart

This creative kush offers the distinct aroma of sweet citrus with an underlying tart aftertaste prompting complete relaxation.

  • G.S Cookies

Hybrid / Sweet  |  Earthy  |  Creamy

A sweet and earthy aroma matched with a creamy exhale induces immediate uplifting effects followed by a mild body high.

  • blue dream

Sativa / Berry  |  Sweet  |  Musky

With boasts of sweet berry aroma, this classic strain produces uplifting effects for all occasions.

  • jack herer

Sativa / Piney  |  Citrus  |  Spicy

With a satisfying taste of crisp pine and sage enveloped with spicy citrus undertones, this timeless strain is an instant energy booster.

  • pineapple express

Sativa / Pine  |  Sweet  |  Tropical

A combination of tropical fruits with subtle earthy pine undertones results in a sativa that is perfect for productive and creative spaces.

  • sour diesel

Sativa / Diesel  |  Pungent  |  Gas

Pungent, diesel-like notes meet traces of earthy citrus for a fast-acting strain that delivers an energizing experience


  • firstly, sunset tea 2:1

Infused Indica / Earthy  |  Floral  |  Herbal

A high-CBD blend infused with fragrant lavender blossoms and chamomile for a soothing and calming impression.

  • secondly, banana smoothie 1:1

Infused Hybrid / Fruity  | Sweet  |  Tropical

A balanced CBD:THC ratio blended with signature notes that are reminiscent of the desirable taste of a banana smoothie.

  • thirdly, lemongrass

Infused Hybrid / Lemon  |  Refreshing  |  Zesty

A bright and herbal delight that combines the fresh accords of lemon-lime for an uplifting, yet mellow experience.

  • also, cranberry orange

Infused Sativa / Berry  |  Tangy  |  Sweet

A fusion of tart cranberry and juicy orange for a mouth-watering splash of sweetness sure to enhance daily environments.

  • Eucalyptus mint

Infused Sativa / Minty  |  Refreshing  |  Uplifting

Eucalyptus paired with mint and herbal notes to create an awakening experience.


  • firstly, Blackberry kush (indica)

Berry  |  Sweet

A kushy delight with a deep, fruity kick evoking dark berries and orange-haired purple buds.

  • secondly, citron OG (indica)

Citrus  |  Sweet

An earthy undertone complements this sweet and sour mix of lemon, lime and orange.

  • thirdly, master OG (indica)

Citrus  |  Earthy

Pungent with traces of diesel, nuttiness, and a splash of lemon citrus.

  • also, original blueberry (indica)

Berry  |  Sweet

A creamy draw with a rich, confectionary taste reminiscent of a blueberry muffin.

  • in addition, true OG (indica)

Citrus  |  Pungent

Notes of earthy pine and lemon zest meet woody, diesel-like undertones.

Citrus  |  Fruity

The refreshingly tart taste of grapefruit, balanced by a pinch of sugary sweetness.

  • G.S cookies (hybrid)

Sweet  |  Earthy

A creamy, full-bodied mouthful reminiscent of vanilla, amaretto, and nutmeg.

  • blue dream (sativa)

Sweet  |  Berry

A creamy, fruity, flower classic that needs no introduction.

  • jack herer (sativa)

Piney  |  Citrus

Spicy and pine-scented, one draw uncovers a light, crisp citrus taste enveloped in the aroma of sappy pine and sage.

  • pineapple express (sativa)

Fruity  |  Earthy

A tropical blend of fresh apple, mango, pineapple, and subtle cedar.

  • sour diesel (indica)

Diesel  |  Pungent

An earthy, diesel essence paired with traces of lemon zest.

KPEN Infusions: Cannabis Infused Line

  • firstly, passion fruit (infused indica)
  • secondly, sunset tea (infused indica)
  • thirdly, banana smoothie (infused hybrid)
  • also, kool mint (infused sativa)


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