A Guide to Cannabis Consumption Methods

A Guide to Cannabis Consumption Methods


While the most important consideration in weed consumption is the product itself, the delivery method also holds a lot of importance. A large number of users often overlook this aspect as they have experienced only 1-2 methods. If you are using cannabis for its beneficial effects, your experience depends a lot on how it is consumed. Each of the consumption methods has its own unique effects and provides a different experience. Today, we take a look at various cannabis delivery methods to help you find your new favorite.

Inhalation Methods

When cannabis is inhaled by smoking or vaping, it enters the lungs from where the cannabinoids are passed to different parts of the body. You can edibles Canada and choose from a variety of smoking devices or vaporizers to enjoy the benefits of the herb.


It is the most popular method of cannabis consumption and can be done in many ways. Technological advancements have offered newer, healthier alternatives to smoking. However, people prefer using various devices including water pipes, hand pipes, rolling papers and one-time devices to feel the effects of cannabis instantly.

Hand pipes gather the smoke produced by combusting cannabis so that the user can inhale it as a long hit. Water pipes, including bongs and bubblers are more popular because they include water filtration to provide cool, smooth hits.

Rolling papers are used to make joints and blunts that contain dried cannabis flower meant for smoking. A wide range of Online Dispensary Canada services deliver different strains of cannabis to your doorstep.


A great choice for health-conscious users, vaporizers heat the herb to a temperature lower than combustion to produce the vapor while limiting the generation of harmful toxins. Vaporization reduces the health concerns associated with smoking. Users can choose from a wide range of vaporizer models in various designs. Some of these are designed to be used with concentrates while others work with oil cartridges.

Oral Delivery

Oral administration methods include all the products taken through the mouth including edibles, tinctures and ingestible oils.

Ingestible Oils

These products are ingested like edibles but have a liquid form. They can either be taken directly, added to beverages or taken in the form of capsules.


Users looking for fast-acting results and dosage control often prefer tinctures for their weed consumption. These are liquid extracts dissolved in some kind of solvent. Tinctures are generally administered by placing a few drops under the tongue from where it is absorbed into the bloodstream for instant effects.


Consuming cannabis-infused foods and drinks deliver different methods as compared to other methods. Edibles enter the bloodstream after getting digested and metabolized, taking longer to kick in. Their effects are generally more potent and longer-lasting. While it is a great idea to infuse your recipes with cannabis, it is recommended that you buy products manufactured by reputed brands to ensure consistent dosage.

Topical Methods

Topical application products like creams, ointments, balms, lotions and salves are made using cannabis extract to be absorbed directly through the skin. The effects of topical delivery are different as compared to other methods as they don’t cause the feeling of ‘high’. This is why this method is ideal for users who want a clear-headed relief from localized pains and aches.

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