A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Consumption

A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Consumption


There’s a lot of buzz around cannabis due to its versatile nature. Its popularity is growing day by day and more and more countries are legalizing it for medicinal and recreational uses, thanks to its wide array of benefits for health and wellness. Cannabis is not just a supplement or medicine; it is an important aspect of everyday life for millions of users. It decides how you eat, sleep and feel. Today, we discuss some of the ways people use to get high.


Designed to provide a simple way to get high, joints are often used to get introduced to cannabis. These weed accessories are cannabis cigarettes either purchased or made at home by rolling ground marijuana flower to make a smokable cigarette. Joints offer the quickest way to get high though beginners should be careful as the smoke can irritate your throat.


Generally used with bowls to inhale filtered smoke, bongs are mostly made of glass and allow getting instantly high. The bowl holds the ground cannabis herbs which are heated and filtered through the water before inhaling with the help of a pipe. Bongs can get you more of the weed in one hit than you would consume in a puff of joint.


Edibles are made by adding cannabis to food items like treats and snacks. You can add the herb to any food though the most popular options are cookies, brownies, candies and gummies. Edibles have a longer onset time which is why a lot of beginners make the mistake of overdosing on them and getting too high. They can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours to kick in and the effects are different and long-lasting.


These popular devices work by heating the material to vaporize without burning. They intend to help you enjoy your cannabis without dealing with the harmful effects of smoking. There are numerous styles of vaporizers available in the market. You can either use a dry herb device or one that uses an oil cartridge, depending on the experience you are looking for.

While a dry herb vaporizer works with a cannabis flower to provide a high resembling a joint, cartridges contain concentrated forms of cannabis oil to provide high levels of THC. Vaporizers have recently gained a lot of popularity as a healthier form of cannabis consumption. You should, however, ensure that you get a high-quality product to make your experience safe and enjoyable.


One of the most traditional forms of cannabis concentrate, hash is produced by drysifting. It involves heating the resin and compressing into a block form. Though it is not as strong as other concentrates, it can have double the THC levels than a regular weed. Hash is consumed by heating a small piece in a bong, pipe or joint and inhaling the smoke.


This method of cannabis consumption requires some type of concentrate like wax, shatter, rosin or a butane hash oil (BHO) and a dabbing rig. This equipment heats up the concentrate to produce vapor that you inhale. Concentrates are highly potent and strong so you should start with a low dose with this method.

These are some of the ways to consume cannabis. Each of these methods provides a unique experience and suits different users.

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